Anesthesia machine

Anesthesia machine

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Functional parameters: intended for anesthesia of newborns, children and adult patients the possibility of using closed, semi-closed and semi-open systems anesthetic ventilator with a 10.4 "color LCD screen and automatic camera test Camera features New, safe camera, with simple, intuitive operation and reliability of all previously produced models, The applied top technical and operational solutions enable anesthesia and ventilation of newborns, children and adult patients , using commonly used methods of inhalation anesthesia,a ventilator with a color LCD screen built into the body of the device for the presentation of breathing curves and loops as well as numerical values ??of set and measured anesthesia parameters, enables the use of volume-controlled, pressure-controlled ventilation, or ventilation supporting the patient's spontaneous breathing, *Continuous presentation, in various colors, of the concentration of anesthetic gases in the breathing mixture and spirometric parameters , ensures safe, controlled anesthesia and comfort of work for medical personnel. Technical specifications: Electric: Power supply: 230VAC, 50Hz 24VDC, 120min. work - emergency battery 4 sockets 230VAC, 2A for connecting peripheral devices *Gas: Power supply: O 2 , N 2 O, AIR from 0.28 ÷ 0.6 MPa from the central unit or from a cylinder with reducers Dual flow meters for oxygen - O2, nitrous oxide - N2O and air - AIR, ensuring the use of low and minimum flows *Additional flow meter for O2, for oxygen therapy and conduction anesthesia Sudden inflow (bypass). Compensation of compliance and leakage monitored numerical spirometric parameters: V T , MV, f / respiratory frequency /, T I : T E , P aw , P peak , P plat , P peep , trigger / trigger value /, C / compliance /, breathing curves and loops monitored numerical gas parameters: O 2 , N 2 O, EtCO 2 , InsCO 2 , inhalation anesthetics / Hal., Iso., Sev., Des., Enf./ - mainstream or side stream VCV, PCV, SIMV, PS, Spont, Man ventilation modes. adjustable in a wide range of PEEP and the time of the flat part of the inspiratory curve (plateau) acoustic and visual alarms when the set limit values ??are exceeded SELECTATEC® quick coupling for attaching two vaporizers of inhalation anesthetics with the ITERLOCK® system adjustable backlight for endoscopic procedures electronic flow sensor

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The patient module includes:- translucent CO 2 absorber tanks- APL valve with a safety valve- analogue airway pressure gauge- breathing gas heater- visual inspiratory and expiratory valves*Standard equipment:ITERLOCK® system vaporizer with SELECTATEC® quick coupling for Sevofluran or other anesthetic chosen by the User suction with adjustable suction power, vacuum gauge and reserve tank pipe and mask support bracketemergency cylinder reducers (for O 2 , N 2 O)


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