Modular External Fixator

Modular External Fixator

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* Easy to operate, flexible combination can build a three-dimensional stable external fixation system.

* According to the adaptation symptoms the stent can be freely assembled during the operation and the components can be added to the frame at any time

* Aluminm alloy or PEEK fix clam help reduce the overall frame weight

* PEEK fix clamp has low developing degree and easy operation

* Aluminum alloy and carbon fiber connecting rod build elastic frame to reduce stree concentration


Put 4mm bone screw in the humeral shaft in a parallel needle layout, put the proximal bone screw on the side of humerus and the distal bone screw on the side or back. Two pi couplings X are mounted and insert two 30° struts into the coupling X in an inverted “V” shape. Then use two rod to rod couplings VII and one Dia 8 L250mm connecting rod (straight type) to connect all the components into a frame and finally lock. (During operation the coupling X should be used as a guide for the parallel layout of bone screw).

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  • Minimum Order1 Units
  • Weight1.5 Kg
  • BrandShuangyang
  • CategoryOrthopedic and Physiotherapy
  • Sub CategoryImplants and Prosthetics
  • Country of ProductionChina
  • Training and InstallationNo
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