Laryngeal Single Use Face Mask

Laryngeal Single Use Face Mask

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  • CategoryMedical Consumables
  • Minimum Order10 Pieces
  • Product Weight1.5 kg
  • BrandSumi
  • Product SizeAdult


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Product Overview

Laryngeal masks are used to protect the airways of patients with spontaneous breathing or positive pressure breathing in anaesthesia, intensive care and emergency medical aid. They are the ideal alternative to respiration with masks or endotracheal tubes when it comes to difficulties within the airway<br /><br /> <br /><br /> Made of medical-grade PVC<br /><br /> transparent tube<br /><br /> soft silicone cuff<br /><br /> weighted tip<br /><br /> anatomic shape for easy, gentle insertion and optimal placement<br /><br /> clear marks<br /><br /> colour coded<br /><br /> 15 mm connector<br /><br /> latex free<br /><br /> sterile

What's in the box

PVC laryngeal airway masks, color coded. 15 mm ISO connector. Single sterile packed.


  • Minimum Order10 Pieces
  • Weight1.5 kg
  • BrandSumi
  • CategoryMedical Consumables
  • Sub CategoryAirway Management and Resuscitation
  • Country of ProductionPoland
  • Training and InstallationNo
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