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Biyovent ICU Ventilator device

Biyovent ICU Ventilator device

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  • CategoryMedical Equipment
  • Minimum Order1 Units
  • Product Weight53 kg
  • BrandBiosys
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Product Overview

Biyovent, which was developed with the aim of offering products with high technological threshold value, fully meets the needs with its new generation technology. It offers high quality in terms of both technology and health, thanks to its features that cover all the deficits that the ventilator devices used up to this time cannot offer and the doctors cannot meet the demands. With every detail designated from design to hardware, from software to technology and developed with a holistic approach, Biyovent adds value to health with its modern and ergonomic design, user-friendly interface, traditional and innovative operating modes, and adaptable structure to different patient groups. In the ventilators used until this time, the fact that there are more parts that change according to the needs of the patient and these parts are very expensive in terms of cost are minimized with Biyovent. This situation, which causes economic and technical disadvantages in ventilator devices, is no longer a disadvantage with the new generation ventilator technology developed for the need. With its ability to meet the needs of many patients by itself and the need for minimum extra parts, Biyovent adds an innovative understanding to ventilator device technology and provides an advantage with its economic structure. With its advanced software features and user-driven interface design, Biyovent simultaneously displays 3 graphics, 3 cycles and lung dynamic status. Thanks to the visual aided interface design used in accessing information, it provides convenience in learning and practice, allowing access to more than 30 parameters on the same screen. With its high definition of 15 inches, it shows the information on the system clearly and in detail. Adjustments are made easily on the screen, which has sensitive touch feature, and quick steps are taken for the necessary adjustments in the appropriate treatment for the patient. In addition to being able to monitor the instantaneous measurement values by displaying graphically for sudden situations related to the patient, it also helps to get quick intervention by giving warnings in case of alarm. In addition, it allows to see the dynamic state of the lung with the lung diagram, which offers intelligent ventilation monitoring.

What's in the box

Biyovent ICU Ventilator device x1 trolley x1 robotic arm x1 patient circuit x1 expiration block x2 bacteria filter x1


  • Minimum Order1 Units
  • Weight53 kg
  • BrandBiosys
  • CategoryMedical Equipment
  • Sub CategoryRespiratory and Life Support
  • Country of ProductionTurkey
  • Warranty2 years
  • Training and InstallationYes
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Ankara, Turkey

Biosys is a manufacturer of medical goods and supplies based in Turkey.

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