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Ewheels EW-M43 foldable power wheelchair

Ewheels EW-M43 foldable power wheelchair

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The E-Wheels EW-43 folding power wheelchair is the latest power wheelchair that folds offered from eWheels. It is also one of the lightest folding electric wheelchairs currently produced! E-Wheels has manufactured this folding wheelchair with the customer in mind. First, they never want to see you stranded so have they have included flat-free tires as a standard feature. The last thing you ever want to do is be stranded on your power chair due to a flat-tire. For the customer who seeks maximum value, you'll want to strongly consider the EW-M43 power wheelchair due to the price point, included features, and reputation that e-Wheels has built.<br /> <br /> Upon looking at the design of the EW-M43 folding electric wheelchair you'll notice modern styling along with other features that cause the EW-M43 a comfortable option. Usually, folding power wheelchairs do not have the same comfort as parts like suspensions are usually not included. However, keep in mind that this power wheelchair includes a suspension that is visible on the front tires. This allows the rider to absorb some of the shock associated when you hit a small bump on a surface.

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  • Minimum Order1 Pieces
  • Weight24 kg
  • BrandEwheels
  • CategoryOrthopedic and Physiotherapy
  • Sub CategoryPatient Transfer and Mobility
  • Country of ProductionFlorida, USA
  • Training and InstallationNo
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Morbis Ortho LimitedAuthorized Distributor ✓

Lagos Island, Nigeria

Morbis Ortho Limited is a vendor of medical goods and supplies based in Nigeria.

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