D500 Monitor Defibrillator

D500 Monitor Defibrillator

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D500 Basic (Manual Defib, AED Mode, 3/5 CH ECG, External Pacing), + 12 CH ECG + SpO2 + NIBP/Temp + IBP + EtCO2 (Main)<br /> <br /> Biphasic Truncated Exponential Wave with impedence compensation<br /> 4 Modes: Manual Defi, Patient Monitoring, AED, Pacing<br /> 8.4" TFT LCD Display with 800 x 600 Resolution<br /> External Pacing and AED Mode included in standard configuration<br /> Standard ECG: 3/5 Lead, 12 Lead Optional<br /> Lithium-Ion Battery (9 cells, 14.4V)<br /> Energy escalation up to 360 Jouls (200 Joules for AED)<br /> Thermal Printer 3 CH (80 mm x 25 mm)<br /> <br /> Defibrillation – Semi-automatic AED mode with easy to follow step-by-step visual and audio instructions and advanced technology Biphasic manual defibrillation – with paddles/pads<br /> <br /> Monitoring – 12 Lead ECG display – a full range of monitoring options available, including 3/5/12 lead ECG, SpO2, NIBP, IBP, Temp and EtCO2<br /> <br /> Escalating energy up to 360 Joules<br /> <br /> Non-Invasive Pacing – Demand and non-demand pacing modes with adjustable pacing rates<br /> <br /> Dual Battery – Rechargeable dual battery system with automatic switching. Each battery supports a minimum of 100 shocks and 5 hours operating time<br /> <br /> Data Storage – Powerful memory for saving of numerical data and ECG, EtCO2, and IBP waveforms. SD card slot allows stored data review and software upgrade<br /> <br /> Printing – Integrated thermal printer that can print up to 3 channels and report patient information

What's in the box

D500 Paddle
Pad Extension Cable
D500 Adult Pads
D500 Pediatric Pads
ECG 3-Lead Wire and Trunk Cable (Snap/EU)
Li-ion Battery Pack 4S2P
D500Thermal Printer Paper (80mm)
D500 OP Manual English
AC Power Cord 220V
NIBP Cuff for Adult HEM-CR23 (22~32cm)
NIBP Cuff for Pediatric HEM-CS23 (12~22cm)
NIBP Cuff House Hose No.1 (3.5m)
Nellcor Oximax Reusable Sensor (DS100A)
Nellcor Extension Cable (DOC10)
ECG 12-Lead Wire and Trunk Cable (Snap/EU)


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  • Weight14 Kg
  • BrandMediana
  • CategoryMedical Equipment
  • Sub CategoryRespiratory and Life Support
  • Country of ProductionSouth Korea
  • Training and InstallationNo
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