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Surgical Face Mask

Surgical Face Mask

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for 10 Packs
  • CategoryMedical Consumables
  • ColorBlue
  • Minimum Order10 Packs
  • Product Weight1 Kg
  • BrandRich med
  • Product SizeAdult


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About Product

Product Overview

A surgical mask, also known as a medical face mask, is a personal protective equipment worn by health professionals during medical procedures. It prevents airborne transmission of infections between patients and/or treating personnel by blocking the movement of pathogens (primarily bacteria and viruses) shed in respiratory droplets and aerosols into and from the wearer's mouth and nose.

What's in the box

50 pieces per pack. 10 packs = 500 pieces


  • Minimum Order10 Packs
  • Weight1 Kg
  • BrandRich med
  • CategoryMedical Consumables
  • Sub CategoryMasks
  • Country of ProductionChina
  • Training and InstallationNo
Seller Profile

Sucess-Science Lab Int'l

Aba, Nigeria

Sucess-Science Lab Int'l is a vendor of medical goods and supplies based in Nigeria.

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