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biO2flow High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device

biO2flow High Flow Oxygen Therapy Device

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  • CategoryMedical Equipment
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  • BrandBiosys
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BiO2Flow, which breaks new ground in HFO therapy with its innovative features, shows its difference with its ergonomic design and easy usage. Thanks to its structure that emphasizes functionality; it can be used not only in hospitals but also in home care situations without the need for a healthcare professional. High flow oxygen therapy provided by BiO2Flow reduces the probability of patients being intubated. It also allows the patient to be treated without the need for intensive care. Thanks to the product developed after long R&D processes and by analyzing the needs of the health sector, the desired level of oxygen therapy can be provided to the patient. BiO2Flow is designed to adapt to patients with different therapy needs. It supports this unique flexibility with different modes and precise control features. It provides an advantage for the patient to release secretion easily. The hardware and software features of BiO2Flow, which can be easily operated with a single button, allow the device to be used in patients with respiratory failure, post cardiac surgery, heart failure, bronchoscopy, post extubation. It can also be used in other cases where high FiO2 is required. Bio2Flow has been developed to detect all situations that may occur in advance and give warning thanks to the sensors and valves it contains. BiO2Flow, the safest high flow oxygen therapy device in its class, passes all tests successfully and offers high quality and safety simultaneously. Most external nebulizers have no practical use as they are not portable, and it may not possible to initiate therapy whenever needed. With BiO2Flow, this problem is overcome The internal nebulizer of BiO2Flow allows medication while the patient is receiving high flow oxygen therapy. Both oxygenation and medication of the patient are performed by just breathing. In this way, there is no interruption or reduction in oxygen treatment. High flow oxygen can cause dryness in the nose and general respiratory passage after a while. New generation internal humidifier of BiO2 Flow imitates the natural temperature and moisture balance in the lungs, normalizes the oxygen supply to the patientís tissues and organs and protects the cells in the patientís respiratory system. BiO2Flow, allows to predetermine the maximum and minimum FiO2 rate the patient will receive. Thus, the patientís saturation can be kept at an optimal level. The warning system is activated when the minimum value is exceeded or the maximum value is exceeded and makes it easier to control the therapy process. The patientís condition is constantly under control with the alarm system, which is activated in cases such as electrical power cut, unexpected changes in pressure levels, battery failure, disconnection of the patient or failure to calibrate. The most important point during high flow oxygen therapy is that some pressure should build up in the respiratory tract. Thanks to this pressure, respiratory tract is kept open in patients with respiratory failure. The therapy should not be interrupted in order to maintain this pressure value, which provides great advantages. BiO2Flow ensures that the therapy of the patient is not interrupted thanks to its integrated battery. The desired pressure and oxygen flow is maintained.

What's in the box

bio2flow HFO device x1 humidifier chamber x1 heated wire patient circuit x1 nasal cannula x1


  • Minimum Order1 Units
  • Weight35 kg
  • BrandBiosys
  • CategoryMedical Equipment
  • Sub CategoryRespiratory and Life Support
  • Country of ProductionTurkey
  • Warranty2 years
  • Training and InstallationYes
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Ankara, Turkey

Biosys is a manufacturer of medical goods and supplies based in Turkey.

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