EW-M51 power wheelchair

EW-M51 power wheelchair

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The EW-M51 power wheelchair come standard with several options that are considered upgrades with other manufacturers. For those who feel that the maximum speed on the EW-M51 of 5MPH is too fast, you'll be happy to learn that the variable speed dial allows you to modulate the speed of the power wheelchair. <br /> <br /> Despite being a full-size power wheelchair, you can still expect a turning radius of 31". The brakes are electro-mechanical like many other power wheelchairs on the market. One feature that is included with the EW-M51 is the self-diagnostic warning lights. Even some more expensive power wheelchairs do not come included with this feature. A 22-inch seat is large for a full-size power wheelchair and allows you to emphasize it. If your arms are long, you can also extend the joystick to make it fit better.<br /> <br /> Another important factor is the two motors that come standard with most power wheelchairs only having one. A standard 8-degree grade climbable means you do not need to worry if there are any hills or mountainous terrains that have less than an 8-degree slope. When you need your footrest to get out of your way, you can simply flip-up the footplate. Keep in mind, you can also adjust the angle so if your feet get uncomfortable due to the angle/position, you can simply modify the angle. The EW-M51 has removable batteries so it allows you to lighten the weight of this unit by a large margin. <br /> <br /> Flat-free tires mean you never have to worry about being stranded due to a flat tire. You also have anti-tip wheels included with the purchase. Even in dark or dim conditions, you'll be noticed with rear and side reflectors that come standard.

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  • Minimum Order1 Pieces
  • Weight103 kg
  • BrandEwheels
  • CategoryOrthopedic and Physiotherapy
  • Sub CategoryPatient Transfer and Mobility
  • Country of ProductionFlorida, United States
  • Training and InstallationNo
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Morbis Ortho LimitedAuthorized Distributor ✓

Lagos Island, Nigeria

Morbis Ortho Limited is a vendor of medical goods and supplies based in Nigeria.

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